Orangeglo Watermelon Strain Report

Here’s one of my three favorite melons, Orangeglo. It’s I more of a dark yellow, at least this strain, but the quality is still there. Seeds were obtained from Fedco.

It’s a very productive melon for me, setting quite a few melons an almost all of them were about the same size, approximately 8 pounds each.

The taste of the melon is excellent with good sweetness. I’m not good at describing flavor, I’d just say its good old fashioned melon flavor.

As you can see from the picture, it does have a couple of drawbacks. If you let them get too mature they get soft and stringy in the middle around the seeds. Picked earlier they’re good and solid, crisp all the easy through. Speaking of seeds, there are quite a few seeds and they’re very large. Not enough to make eating a chore but more than some other varieties such a Early Canada.

All in all, one of my favorites, both for flavor and for reliable production in warm years and cold years like 2012. It will definitely be in my garden next year.


Early Canada Melon – Strain Report

I was finally able to obtain some seeds for this melon thanks to the kindness of Tatiana, who I’m sure many of you know (I’m being discrete for a reason).  I had heard a lot of good things about it, which growing it proved to be accurate.

Early Canada Melon

Early Canada Melon


I only had a few plants of it, but they produced several very uniform melons around 8-10 pounds, light green with some fine striping.  The flesh is red, and the quality was probably the highest of any of the melons I grew this year.  First, the texture was great.  Nice and firm, solid flesh with none of the stringiness or soft spots around the seeds many melons have.  Second, the taste was great, at least equal to my favorites.  Finally, there were relatively few seeds in the melons.  Here in the Willamette Valley the plants went in about the middle of May and the first melons were harvested the third week of August.


Early Canada melon

Early Canada melon sliced



The only negative I could find was that it didn’t produce more than one melon per vine, but given the size of the melons and the small vines that’s understandable.  If I could only grow three melons this would be one of them.  The other two will be in upcoming posts.