A few thoughts on squash

I havent’ had the  time  energy to do a full on report on winter squash after last year’s little experiment so I thought I’d start with a few summary notes, all from a purely personal perspective based on what I like to eat and how I store my squash.  I have a hive of bees about 150′ away from the squash patch and they were all over the squash, so pollination was not an issue.  I like to eat squash simply by roasting them, splitting them in half and putting a little butter on them.  During the winter I’ll eat some with most dinners as I really enjoy them and eat them like dessert.

I have a large shop, think barn and you’ll be pretty close.  I live in the Willamette Valley where most of the winter the temperature is in the 30’s and 40’s with 100 percent humidity, so think “large outside refrigerator”.  It sometimes gets cold, like it did in December when the temps got down around zero for the first time in 40 years, and I had to scramble to move everything into a small heated room I maintain in the shop, but most years everything sits happily outside even when the outdoor temp drops into the 20’s for a while.  I put the squash on shelves and the overflow of small squash in milk crates or such and so far it’s worked well enough.  My onions and potatoes live next to them.

Last year I put in about 15 or so winter squash varieties, about 5-10 vines of each except for the Delicatas which probably had 20-25 vines.  I tried a lot of varieties that were recommended for this area and some were read more