Time To Plant Garlic!

Even though this month is busy with harvest there’s a lot to be done to get ready for winter.

First on my priority list is to get my garlic in.  Pick a spot with loose, rich soil or as close as you can find.  Use the biggest, best cloves you have for seed and in return they’ll give you the biggest, best heads of garlic next summer.  Planting small cloves makes small heads.

I know it can be tough to take your best heads and break them up and bury them, but trust me, you’ll see the difference.  Also, only use the big cloves from each head, discard any small cloves you come across.  Plant them about 6-8″ apart with rows 8″-12″ apart.  You can fit a LOT of garlic in a small space.  Just put the cloves an inch or so deep, root side down, pointy end up.

Normally I don’t mulch over the winter but even slugs don’t eat garlic and its a lot easier to mulch if you do it before the plants come up.  Speaking of which, it may be a while before you see anything happening but the plants are forming large root systems before the top comes out of the ground.

They’ll grow slowly all winter and when the weather warms up they’ll take off, which is a good time to give them a little extra nitrogen, such as chicken compost.