Harvesting Watermelons

Right now I’m harvesting watermelons of all kinds.  I’ve got 8 or 9 strains growing to see what does well and I’ve found some winners and some losers.  It’s been hot so I’ve pretty much been living on melons for the last 10 days or so as I know they won’t hold forever and it’s such a rare treat to be able to enjoy so many wonderful melons fresh from the field.  The melons were all planted in the middle of May this year.  We had a warm Spring followed by a cold snap and I had to quickly throw some row cover over them to keep them from freezing but they’ve done very well, giving me the biggest melon harvest I’ve had here.  Of course part of the success is choosing varieties that do well with short cool summers.

I’ll be doing strain review on all of the melons I grew this year (after I’ve finished eating them of course).

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