Getting The Season Started

It’s definitely Spring out there.  The plum trees have a few open flowers and swollen buds, the peach tree buds are bright pink and the brambles are leafing out.

My early tomatoes under the light are about a week old and are getting their first true leaves and the herb seeds I started, oregano and thyme have germinated really well.  They’re so tiny, just little green pinheads, but this year I just sprinkled them on some composted and spritzed them with water, then gave them some indirect light.  It worked really well, they can be tough to start.

This afternoon I started ten flats of various flowers, the ones that are slow growing like Dianthus, Larkspur, Strawflower, Nicotiana and Phlox. It’s easy to say that, not so easy to do.  Each flat gets filled with compost, then I use my finger tip to make a dent in the center of each cell.  Then comes putting the seeds in, varying from one to ten or so in each cell depending on the size.  Finally each cell gets the edges moved to the center to lightly cover the seeds and gets a good spritz of water.  I did ten flats, each with 72 cells, so that makes for a lot of fiddly work, but it should yield lots of nice flowers. I did notice that the volunteer Calendula in the greenhouse are blooming like mad, there an opportunity there for early flowers.

Foggy this morning, the fog line was my west property line.  That end was foggy, the greenhouse and gardens were enjoying bright blue sky!  It happens pretty often in the winter being right at the edge of the valley. I get up and it’s sunny, then go downtown four blocks away and it’s dense fog…

That’s all for today, still on the ipad until next week, but I am getting faster with two-finger typing!

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