Garden Update, March 15, 2015

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here and I’ve just been working too hard and been too tired to put any updates here. That’s the problem with garden blogs, when you’re actually gardening it’s tough to get the energy to do the computer work. I know there’s actually 3 or 4 people who read this, so I try to put some info up now and then. By the way, once again, if someone reading this has any ideas or material to contribute please just let me know. I started this with the intention of it being a cooperative effort as I couldn’t find much info about gardening here in the Pacific Northwest and I don’t have the energy these days in my old age to really do what I’d like to do with the site.

The weather’s been fantastic for the last couple of weeks, warming and sunny with almost no rain in that time. That means the gardens are dry enough to be able to work and the perennials are starting to bud out so mulching and pruning needs to get finished NOW! In fact, I got to the grapes too late and they’ve been weeping pretty badly, so I hope they heal up and recovers soon.

There’s a good weather blog at Channel 12 Weather Blog. It’s run by the meteorologist for Channel 12 in PDX and there’s a ton of good info. He says that the models show warm weather continuing and that it’s time to get the early crops in. Normally our 90 percent frost free date here is about May 1 but it looks like it’s going to be a lot earlier this year.

Here’s what my garden looked like 13 months ago…

Here’s some pictures from a couple of days ago…

I’ve got a lot of starts that I put in a few weeks ago and have had under lights, but I’ve moved them out to the greenhouse and they’re growing like mad with the warm sunny weather. The temperature of the greenhouse runs in the low to mid 90’s during the day when it’s sunny, so the tomatoes are loving it. I have to admit when I planned the greenhouse I worried a lot about keeping it warm, but it turns out the big issue is actually keeping it cool. In the summer, even with both doors open, it’s hard to keep it under 100 during the day. Tomatoes do ok with it but not much else handles it too well, although eggplants did well one year and this year I’ll be trying cucumbers to see how they do.

It looks like we’re going to have a few days of partly cloudy weather and then more rain, the next 10 day forecast doesn’t show much sun, so it’s good to have so much outdoor work done but I’m sure paying for it. I have snow peas, snap peas, carrots, several types of onions, several types of potatoes, some poppies and about 900 new strawberry plants in the ground already and they’ll love this weather. Next week I’m going to pull out my box of row cover I saved from last year and get that set up for the plantings that are in.

When I get some energy I hope to put up an article about this year’s tomato plans, hopefully in the next few days.

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