Felt Like Spring Today

It’ been warm so far this year, but today felt more like April.  It was warm enough to open up the house and air it out a bit this afternoon, it must have been in the 60’s.

The bees were working away, look at how loaded down with pollen they are!  Most of it is bright yellow, which must be dandelion, but some is bright red and is probably Snowdrop.


I’m hoping that’s a good sign as if they’ve made it this far through the winter it’s only a few weeks until flowers start blooming in earnest.

I finally got rid of my chickens after 30 or so years of always having some, and it’s nice not having to worry about them getting in and digging up everything I plant.  Of course nature abhors a vacuum as they say, so look what’s moved in to take their place…


There’s about 20-25 of them that come by most every day for a dig and a scratch.  The good thing about them is they don’t like the 8′ deer fence around the gardens and so far they’ve stayed out of them.

I was sick all last night so didn’t get to enjoy today too much, but did finish up pruning and training the raspberries.  Here’s what I ended up doing with the purple Royalty raspberries.  I’ve seen the local berry farmers use this technique so I’m going to try it this year and see how it works out.  It should keep them from falling over at least and make them easier to pick.

berry training


Next week I should be starting tomatoes for the greenhouse, but I’ll wait another month before starting plants for outdoors and sales.  Lets hope the nice weather sticks around for a while and appreciate being in the PNW.  The next couple of months are one time of year our weather really shines compared to the rest of the country.

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