Experiment in kale

One thing cold weather is good for is stress testing plants. We had the coldest weather in many years in December, down to zero F or below, so I went out to check on the kale. On the left is Lacianto, on the right is Pentland Brig. The Lacianto is completely wiped out, the Pentland Brig has a little life left in it and may start to grow with some warmer weather.

I had a few Siberian kale plants and they came through fine, and surprisingly the collard plants survived although they look pretty rough.

I also looked at my carrot bed that didn't have any rowcover and it's completely wiped out. The tops are dead and the roots have frozen and turned to mush, quite a striking difference to the beds that were covered.

I'm trying to start getting my seed orders together. This year I'm going to try to focus on Fedco for low cost seeds and Johnny's for some fancy hybrids for market. I've got enough carryover seeds from last year I won't have to order too many, which is good as my unemployment ran out the end of the year.


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