Collards – Strain Report

I grew several varieties of collards this year and a couple have done well, but one has been a standout.



This is Morris Heading Collards as grown over the summer here in Oregon. It’s a beautiful plant with enormous leaves and it’s been a super producer for me.

I started the seeds in March and put out starts in early May. Our entire area had the worst outbreak of flea beetles anyone had ever seen and all the cole crops were nearly decimated. After the beetles were under control these collards bounced right back and started throwing out lots of perfect leaves. So far I have a couple of plants that are making a cabbage type head, the rest are all looking more like kale.



I guess I needed a reference here but the garden bed is 4′ wide and the plant pretty much covers it.

I’ve been harvesting leaves off this plant for the last month for the Farmers Market but you can hardly tell. They’ve been selling surprisingly well to a mix of homesick Southerners and health food folks who juice them to make “green smoothies.”

It will be interesting to see how they do over the winter. I suspect they’ll keep on making leaves until next Spring.


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