Another season started

Last week I started two flats of tomatoes for the greenhouse since they’ll go out in late March.  Ten to twenty of 8-9 varieties, I’ll list them later. The Macbook is down and on the iPad this week so no long entries.

I also started all my onions and leeks indoor to get them started then they’ll go out to the greenhouse.   Have I some onions growing well out there but it took them a couple of weeks to sprout versus 3days inside. I remembered the heat pads for the tomatoes this year and they were all up in 72 hours with the soil at 85 degrees, it made a huge difference!

I cut a ton of scion wood from all the fruit trees when I was pruning And have them in the fridge.  I have five apple and five plum rootstock I planted last year.  I’ll use three of the plum for peaches as you can’t have enough peaches plus they’re fast bearers and don’t get too big. I want another King apple and another Belle de Boskoop, and I actually found out a friend has an Orleans Reniette which I’ve been looking for for ages. He also has a honeycrisp which I think I’ll try. I’ve had a few and they were pretty good plus he says they’re great keepers.

The Lane County Propagation Fair is the weekend of March 28 and I can’t recommend it enough. 100+ varieties of apple, 50+ of pear, 30-40 of plum and lots of other stuff, all free!  It’s an amazing event and we’re incredibly lucky to have a group of dedicated volunteers who put it together.  Thanks folks!


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